Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Middle Engine Lane platform fence removal

Work began today on completely removing (demolishing) the time served fence on Middle Engine Lane platform. This will be getting completely replaced over the course of the next month

Starting at the south end with the fence rails coming out

Most of the large uprights which are secured to the platform by metal brackets were fixed with seized nuts, so most of ended up being cut out


No.6555 update

Fantastic progress has been made on coal hopper No.6555 since the last post. The hopper itself now has a complete coat of primer and most recently the running boards have been needle gunned and painted with primer


New mini-digger

This afternoon we took delivery of this fantastic second-hand TEREX 360 Mini Digger. Another fantastic piece of plant equipment, sure to come in very handy in the future


Saturday, 27 March 2021

Fence repairs down the line

On Saturday our works train and socially distanced volunteers ventured down the line. This allowed for trimming back of some undergrowth and more importantly repairs to the lineside fencing to take place.

08915 running round the works train at Percy Main

Running the brake van round onto the south end of the train

First job was fence repairs under the Wallsend Road Bridge. After removing the damaged the old post a new hole was dug with the auger, in this photo Michael is using postcrete to install a new post in place

Sections of new wire installed

Adam tightening up tensioners

Venturing north

Michael (L) and Adam (R) digging a new hole for a new fence post


Friday, 26 March 2021

Workings on the Blyth & Tyne

Two photos by Brian Tunnard which show coal train workings on the Blyth & Tyne Railway. 

The first shows 4MT No.43000 of North Blyth shed, passing below the Coast Road bridge with empty hoppers. 

The second show an unidentified loco hauling empty hoppers passing below the Backworth waggonway bridge. The second photo is taken below our museum site!


Thursday, 25 March 2021

No.E43172 Update

The past couple of weeks have once again seen some fantastic progress being made on Brake Coach No.E43172's overhaul

Norman and Rob painting the roof

The north sides have their first undercoat applied (east side pictured below)

Norman applying the first top coat of crimson

Back to the patchwork, a rotten half piece of window bottom after being cut out 

Replacement piece being welded in

Welding complete

Welds ground back

Filler applied

Michael plasma cutting metal to be used on one of the bottoms of the doors

Michael begins sizing up the metal to the door in question before cutting and bending it into shape

The replacement piece complete, minus having some drain holes cut out on the bottom

Compared with the old one after it had been cut out

After cutting out the old one the replacement piece could be offered up so the holes for the water drains could be marked and cut and any other final adjustments could be made

The following day, after making some adjustments, Michael begins welding the replacement piece on

Over in the guard's compartment end of the carriage, work continues on the framework of the body. In this photo, three of the five horizontal frame stanchions (in this section) have been cut out

The 'after' photo showing what's left of the horizontal stanchions on the vertical stanchion having been ground flat, additionally the 4th and 5th have been cut out

The first new horizontal stanchion after being welded in

Followed by another

Before carrying on with any of the horizontals, attention is turned to the vertical stanchion that they are being welded to. This photo shows the area of the stanchion that has been cut out for replacement

More rotten skin cut out and the new section of the stanchion is almost ready for welding in place

Replacement vertical welded in

Followed by two more horizontals being welded in. Also visible in this photo, at the bottom, is a new plate. This is a doubling plate that is situated between the skin and the stanchions

Steve measuring up the distance of the final horizontal stanchion before welding it in place

All stanchions in. Michael begins measuring up and checking replacement metal for the new skin

Over on the west side of the carriage another window bottom in the process of being cut out

Swiftly followed by a replacement piece being welded in

Work begins on the framework in south west corner of the guard's compartment

Rotten bracket and lower section of the vertical stanchion cut out and the areas cleaned up

New vertical welded in place as well a new section to the doubling plate

Areas of the framework and the edge of the step after being built up with weld

Welds ground back and tidied up

Followed by the replacement bracket being welded in

In the quieter world of the painters, the north east side gets its second top coat

Over on the other side, Norman prepares to apply the second top coat

More top coating on the west side of the carriage

Norman begins cleaning up the north end buffers

Rob drilling holes for the north ends electrical connections