Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Evening work on ACC5

Following on from the previous post, the rest of the axle keeps have now been removed and are awaiting cleaning

Front and rear damper linkages removed, to be cleaned, sanded down and re-painted

Steam brake displacement lubricator removed and dismantled for inspection and cleaning

Parts washer

With many filthy pieces coming off the Peckett, the parts washer has been temporarily moved through from the C&W shop and into the main workshop, next to ACC5

After a bit of elbow grease

Monday, 29 April 2019

Work on ACC5

Some photos from last nights work on Ashington No.5...first job was to separate the oil lines from the top of the axleboxes

Next onto the split pin removal from the axlebox keep bolts

Leading axle raised slightly to take the weight off the keep, allowing the axle to be turned. It was turned so that the bolts for the axlebox keeps could be removed through the spokes on the other side

First of the keeps removed and cleaned up

Sunday, 28 April 2019

401 in service

Rob lighting up

Raising steam

Running round at Percy Main

Steve firing...

...and operating an injector

Keith driving

Ready to depart Percy Main with another train

Sat at Middle Engine Lane

Taking water

Guard Thomas (L) and Station Foreman Adam (R)

Running round at Middle Engine Lane

Rob firing

At Percy Main

Waiting for the green flag...

...right away from the guard

Steve driving and Keith firing

Locking the yard gates after the last train arrives back at Middle Engine Lane

Heading down the loading spur for coaling

Back on shed for disposal

Cabin cleaning

Some photos of Nigel doing a great job on giving the volunteers bait cabin floor a very much needed clean today

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Diesel Driver Experience

Some photos of volunteer Driver Kevin overseeing and instructing participants in the first of this years Diesel Driver Experience

All participants signed consent for these photos to be taken and published

08915 stood at Middle Engine Lane

Thursday, 25 April 2019


The first job of today's big shunt, moving E4 up beside Billy

Moving the dogfish and crane over onto the crossover

A5 put in the museum

Coming into the museum to pick up the 03 after the parcel van and No.1 shunted out of the museum

Dragging out 03078 out the Carriage Shop...

...and then propelling it into the running shed

Under the extractor fan, starting up

Brake Van shunted back into the Carriage & Wagon Shop for its North-end overhaul

03078 idling under the hood and 08915 exiting the museum

The view from No.1, being shunted back into the museum

Parcel van and RSH No.1 back in the museum

Picking up the dogfish and crane from the crossover

After stabling the crane back on the hardstand outside the museum, 08915 picks up 401 which was stabled on the back of A5

Michael getting coal with the tractor...

...and coaling up 401 ready for the weekend

Stopped for a quick photo of 03078 and 08915 alongside each other whilst giving the 03 a run up and down the yard