Friday, 31 July 2020

More shunting

More photos of 08915 and 03079 shunting in the yard today

Meaford No.1 and 03078 (below) were shunted into the carriage and wagon shop for temporary storage

A5 being shunted into the workshop

View from 03079 shunting tank wagons

08915 down in the south headshunt with the tank wagons

401 and 03079 rolling out the paintshop

401 and 03079 were rolled out the paint shop this morning after both undergoing repaints

03079 is on loan to us from the Derwent Valley Light Railway. The loco came to us for our Diesel Gala last year and stayed for cosmetic repairs and repaint

79s first start up since December

Morning shunting

Alex and John shunting all the wagons in the yard onto the crossover using 08915

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Work on the brake van

Brake van before fitting the remaining hand rails

Richard drilling one of the main stanchions for the bolt that holds the large sheet of metal in place, as well as the handrail

Richard fitting the chimney cowl

Remaining hand rails fitted, bar the lamp brackets on this end

5mph sign installation

Volunteers have installed the newly constructed 5mph sign at the south end of Middle Engine Lane platform

Work begins on the new 15mph sign, in this photo the sign is about to be welded to its post

Coat of primer applied after welding

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Driver training

08915 on its way to Percy Main this morning

Trainee driver Alex driving

Heading back to Middle Engine Lane

Plant pot painting

Jean painting one of the outdoor plant tubs this morning

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

More on the brake van

More work on the brake van this photo, Tom is needle gunning the framework, spring and axleboxes on one side ready for painting

Meanwhile, Steve top coats the other side after undercoating yesterday

3 out of 4 running boards attached on one side, the 4th one (out of view) is beyond repair and, hopefully, a new one will be built by our joiners relatively soon

Monday, 27 July 2020

Brake van painting

More painting on the brake van today as it's overhaul nears the end, here Richard is painting the interior walls

Tom painting the runnings boards

The 'before' shot of the axlebox/spring/framework

The 'after' shot after giving it an undercoat

Same on the other end

Work on 08915s whistle

It was reported that 08915s whistle was getting quieter by the day, in this photo Richard is removing the whistle. It was found that the pipe was blocked, Richard unblocked the pipe and gave the whistle a clean before re-fitting and testing. The video below shows it sounding much louder and healthier

5mph sign progress

Michael carrying on with grinding the new 5mph sign

After grinding it flush it was welded onto a new pole and given a coat of primer

Shop painting

Bob painting the new museum shop roof

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Crew refreshers

Another successful and worthwhile crew refresher and assessments day today for volunteers, with 08915 in service