Thursday, 28 February 2019

Cosmetic work on Meaford No.1

The past year or two, No.1's cab has been open to the public. The regulator was removed to prevent it getting damaged. However the cab has now been locked off so the regulator was to be cleaned up and put back on the loco

After cleaning and polishing

Fitted back onto No.1

Fingers crossed No.1 isn't too far away from going into the workshop for overhaul..

Working on 401s travelling toolbox

Old spanners, that have been sized up for each valve/fitting on the locos manifold, and a repaired toolbox sourced for 401s travelling tool kit

The baitbox/storage cupboard on the back of the cab/bunker after clearing

Michael sets to work needle gunning the interior

Meanwhile, Steve sets to work cleaning up the spanners

After needle gunning

Spanners all cleaned

After hoovering inside, Michael begins to apply the first coat of magnolia

Sanding down the tool box

Painting the spanners...

...and the toolbox

Second coat applied

Brake van painting

Michael D applying another coat of paint to the brake van

Throwback Thursday #36

Circa late 1980s, with the railways yard/running line and Middle Engine Lane platform still under construction

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Monday, 25 February 2019

03 Progress

D2078s transformation into 03078 is progressing very well with Norman putting in many hours

Most of the main bodywork is now painted apart from the LHS of the cab which is yet to be sanded down

More progress to follow soon

Oil cans donation

One of our volunteers has kindly donated some oil pourers and a half gallon bottle, after they've been given some TLC they can be put into use

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Brake van rides today

08915 has been out again today on brake van rides from Middle Engine Lane to the Coast Road Bridge and back

Rod cleaning

Nigel giving 401s rods a good polish today

Saturday, 23 February 2019

BLS Charter

The Branch Line Society were back again today to carry out some training, here 08915 stands in Middle Engine Lane with a small freight set, and sporting the BLS headboard, waiting for the group to complete their briefing before heading to Percy Main

Running through Percy Main platform into the South headshunt

Propelling North through the run round loop

And reversing back into Percy Main platform for photos

Stabled in the platform

Departing Percy Main

Back at Middle Engine Lane, charter done!

Signal storage

Semaphore signals about to go up top on the lockers for safe keeping

Some more found in the workshop

All kept together in the same place and safe for when (hopefully) the time comes to set up a proper signalling system at the railway

Back from repair

Richard has been to Hexham this afternoon to pick up our impact wrench that has been away for servicing

03 Progress

Back of the cab painted in primer

Davy taking the lining off the wheel centres

Norman applying undercoat

Morning prep & line inspection

Topping up 08915s sump

Starting up

Stabling the brake van in the run round loop at Middle Engine Lane before heading down the line on the morning inspection

Heading down to Percy Main, approaching the Rising Sun Bridge

Stopped just South of the Coast Road Bridge so the crew could carry out some fence repairs

Departing Percy Main to head back to Middle Engine Lane, Second Mans view

After arrival back at Middle Engine Lane the dogfish and coal wagons were picked up and stabled on the South end of the brake van

Propelling into the platform ready for the Branch Line Society group