Thursday, 30 May 2019

Half Term Trains

401 out on the blue timetable for May half term trains, here running round at Percy Main

Waiting for the green flag

David uncoupling

Passing Silverlink

Taking water at the end of the day

On shed for disposal

Prep and line inspection

Driver Tom taking Dave through prepping 03078

Steaming up


On the yard crossover line

Heading to Percy Main on the line inspection

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Ashington No.5 Cosmetics

Carrying on with some cosmetic work on parts off of Ashington No.5 this evening, starting with dismantling the reverser which will be getting painted black. In this photo the trigger linkage has been separated from the lever

Lever and trigger sanded down ready for a coat of primer

Other various rear damper linkage parts and cylinder drain cocks with their first undercoat

Reverser mark

Whilst the paint brushes were out this evening, finally got round to putting a white mark on 401s reverser quadrant to show where mid-gear is

Sunday, 26 May 2019

401 in service

Photos of 401 in service today, here loading up on the first train

Michael driving

Giving it a blast up the hill on the last run of the day

Back at Middle Engine Lane with the last train

03078 stabled behind 401 waiting for disposal to finish

Basking in the sun

Our shed pilot 03078 stabled beyond the platform crossing on standby

Steaming up and morning line inspection

Steaming up

Heading off down on the morning line inspection

Joe going to test the groundframe at Percy Main

Sat at Percy Main