Friday, 30 August 2019

Donation of tools & equipment

Today volunteers Richard and Steve along with Engineering & Operations Manager David, collected a variety of tools and equipment, including a lathe, bench grinder, mig welder, pressure washer and pillar drill, that were very kindly donated to us

The Smart & Brown lathe in question, here Workshop and Plant Foreman Richard begins to work out how best to dismantle it and make it easier for transport

Loading up the van

David and Richard unloading it all back at the railway

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Coaling up

Coaling up before disposal this afternoon

401 in service, last Thursday running of Summer 2019

401 has been out again today on the final Thursday running day of the summer 2019 holidays. Today we also welcomed two friends from Tanfield Railway/Beamish Musuem, Matthew and David Watchman, who joined us for a day out on the footplate. Here, Matthew, Katie, David and Joe set to work cleaning

At Percy Main with the first train


Steve driving, on the climb out of Percy Main

Joe putting a round on

Taking water after arriving back at Middle Engine Lane

Down at Percy Main again in the South Headshunt

Matthew driving and David firing

Ready to depart

Matthew driving on the run back up to Middle Engine Lane

Back at Middle Engine Lane, after letting passengers off the train, Matthew draws the train forward to allow enough room to be able to run round

Changeover on the next run

Matthew firing

David driving

Watching the road ahead

David finding big valve on the bank

David (L) and Matthew (R) Watchman on the ground and Fireman Joe Stuart (L) and Driver Steve Thornton (R) on the running board

Brake van progress

John's latest progress on the North end structural rebuild of the brake van

Pit cleaning

The running shed pit has received a good clean with the pressure washer by volunteer Carl today

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Match wagon progress

Volunteers Joe and Carl have been making steady progress with the Match Wagon this afternoon

Monday, 26 August 2019

401 on Bank Holiday trains

Carl lighting up

On route to Middle Engine Lane

Driver Keith looks on at 03078 whilst awaiting permission from the guard to re-join the train

Driver for a Fiver

Alongside 401 running trains today, 03078 was in the yard on Driver for a Fiver Duties

Steps leading up to the cab

Sunday, 25 August 2019

401 in service

03078 dragging 401 out this morning

Steaming up

At Percy Main on the line inspection

Ready to leave Middle Engine Lane with the first train

Arrival at Percy Main


Joe cleaning out the smokebox during disposal

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Hole digging, start of a new project

The before shot of the ballasted area outside the museums flat road. This years Santa Specials will be changing so that the roller shutter door in this photo is the main exit from the museum for visitors, this means that this area is to be dug up and cemented level with the museum floor/concrete apron so that is more comfortable for people to walk on

Volunteers Richard and Steve began the project this afternoon, seen here using the tractor to begin digging

Large piece of old concrete being dug up

After a lot of man handling and use of the crowbar we managed to get it into the bucket of the tractor

Loading the dumper up

Afternoons work, more progress to follow soon

Friday, 23 August 2019

Match wagon progress

Some progress from today on the flat wagons transformation into a match wagon, here Norman is marking out the wasp stripes

Carl applying the first coat of yellow

Lettering being applied on the side

Joe smears a thin layer of grease over the lettering to give it a weathered look

More progress to follow soon