Tuesday, 31 December 2019

03079 update

Finishing off 2019 with an update on the metalwork that is being carried out on 03079, Michael is seen here grinding back weld on the one of newly welded in pieces of plate

As well as doing a little more welding on the inside to secure it

Richard welding another small panel in on the upper LHS of the front end

Front sections cut out

And the new pieces being trial fitted before welding. The mesh was temporarily re-fitted to mark out where the two plates needed to be cut down to size

Meanwhile Steve has been busy up top, after cutting the front sections out. Photo showing corroded platework around the chimney base and top of the radiator. The after photo is below

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Finishing off

401 coming on shed this afternoon as the sun starts to go down

08915 follows behind

Tucked up back in the shed after disposal

Final running day of 2019

Photos of 401 in service on the final operating day of 2019! Seen here leaving shed this morning

401 running round at Percy Main

Some of the passengers from the final train pose next to 401 before departing Percy Main

Shunting the stock away

Radiator filling

Filling the radiator on 08915 this morning

Line inspection and steam up

Katie testing Percy Main south points on the morning line inspection

08915 down at Percy Main

401 steaming up

Saturday, 28 December 2019

401 in service on Winter Warmers

Today's photos of the penultimate running day of 2019, with 401 in service on Winter Warmer services

At Percy Main

Mince pies warming up nicely on the warming plate

A snapshot from a GoPro that was set up in the back of the cab. Here showing 401 working hard on the climb up to Middle Engine Lane, with Steve (R) driving and Joe (L) firing. Video will hopefully be online soon

Top of the hill

Back at Middle Engine Lane

After the final service had returned, the SLO carriage (just visible in the distance) was detached from the TSO carriage and stabled in the yard, 401 then ran round and shunted the other 3 carriages back into the headshunt. The carriages have to be split as there isn't enough room for 4 to be stabled in the headshunt and enough room for the loco to get back into the yard

Morning shunting

401 stabled on the loading spur/coal road, steaming up

4 wagons, the battery wagon, dogfish, coal wagon and tank wagon have been stabled in Middle Engine Lane run-round loop throughout December with the Santa Specials being top & tailed the loop hasn't been needed. This morning, 08915 shunted the carriages back out of the loop and stabled them in the yard

The wagons stabled in the yard

Kevin driving 08915
Richard coaling up 401 with the digger

Making use of the TSO from NYMR and running with 4 today, here 401 has just stabled the SLO on the north end of the TSO