Saturday, 30 March 2019

Evening work on 401

After running yesterday we had noticed the rear pin on the lubricator linkage had worked itself loose and come off somewhere down the line, so a new pin was required

Showing where the pin should be
Meanwhile Joe carries out some painting at the front end

Suitable piece sourced and placed in the lathe

Machining the new pin

Parting it off


...drilling a hole for the split pin

And finally fitting the pin and linkage

Buffer beam priming

Norman making a start priming the front buffer beam

More side doors getting their top coat

Bracket making

Brackets that Richard has made to hold rakes, ready to be painted and will then be fitted to the top of the oil store

Friday, 29 March 2019

401 insurance test and running in

Valves lifting in presence of the boiler inspector

With the boiler inspector happy, we commenced the first of 401s running in trials

Heading down the line

First time 401 has sat at Percy Main since 2008

In Percy Main headshunt, testing out the run round loop

Heading into the loop

Approaching Percy Main curve on the way back to Middle Engine Lane

In between runs, Michael walks round and checks for hot bearings

Heading back into the yard to do some shunting

Picking up 08915, tool van, coal wagon and dogfish from the loading spur...

...and stabling out the way on the crossover

Back over onto the loading spur/coaling road

Pulling A5 out the museum

A5 was stabled out in the yard whilst we headed back into the shed with the flat wagon to pick up some large timbers (used for packing) just so they were out of the workshop/out the way

Back over to pick up A5 again and stable it in the workshop

Propelling A5 into the shed

Headed back to Percy Main after shunting the 08 & wagons out the way again and a quick coffee break

Michael firing

View out of Percy Main

Drivers eye view heading up the line back to Middle Engine Lane

Back on shed for disposal, about 28 miles completed today. Brick arch is pencilled to be installed on Monday afternoon/evening, which is the final big job to be done along with a few other little niggles to sort out but the loco should be ready for the start of the season

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Gauge glass machining

Volunteer machinist, George, has been busy machining a piece of steel pipe which will become a sight glass for 401s water tank and be fitted in the LHS front corner of the cab. The photo above shows part of the machined area that will show the glass tube that sits inside

Bin storage build

John and Bob have started the construction of a new bin storage shed outside the museum entrance

Day's progress

New oil cans

Newly purchased short spouted oil feeders and half gallon oil bottles arrived this week, courtesy of the Norfolk Tin Man

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

401 in steam again

401 has been in steam again today for more proving and a bit more running in around the yard, the loco is now ready for its official steam test on Friday

Long serving volunteer, George, having a drive of the loco for the first time in 11 years

Richard taking 401 over to the water tower

Taking water

After lunch, Michael takes 401 over to the coaching stock for brake tests

Coupling up and creating vacuum

Michael adjusting the vacuum relief valve
Some more trundling around the yard a bit later on

Young Joe driving

Picking up some wagons off the loading spur