Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Flat wagon overhaul begins

Today work has begun on our 4-wheeled flat wagon in order to turn it into a match-wagon for the 03 ready for Septembers diesel event 

Carl begins splitting the axleboxes and draining them of water

With the underkeep pads removed, Carl uses the pressure washer to clean the axleboxes

Joe sets to work removing rotten timbers

More progress to follow soon

Lineside work

Volunteers Carl and Joe down the line this afternoon to carry out some lineside fencing and vegetation control

Morning shunting

Some photos from this mornings shunt, 08915 picked up 401 and brought the flat wagons down from the South headshunt

03078 could then pick up the 4-wheeled flat wagon from the back of the set and run down onto the loading spur, allowing 08915 to put the salmon & lowmac wagons back in the South headshunt then go back to shed

Flat wagon shunted into the running shed for some work

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

03 Polishing

Volunteer Carl has gave the brass and paintwork some attention on 03078 this afternoon, the horns have been polished as have the fuel tank caps and the paintwork cleaned and polished too. The rear lamps have also had the lacquer taken off and been polished as well

Monday, 29 July 2019

More from Saturday's Fairytale Express

401 on the approach to Middle Engine Lane

Last departure from Percy Main

Tearoom volunteers in the Fairytale Carriage

All photos below courtesy of Let it Snow Productions

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Wagon assessment

Carl and Michael assessing the 4-wheeled flat wagon in preparation for Septembers diesel event

401 running trains

Katie lighting up

Fast forward a bit, Keith driving the first train out of Percy Main

Percy Main South headshunt

En-route to Middle Engine Lane

Cooking potatoes in the smokebox

Lunch served by fireman Joe

Katie firing

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Fairytale Express

We welcomed Let it Snow Productions today to host our first ever Fairytale Express. Here the first train is loading up after it was hidden in the North headshunt then went into the platform whilst visitors were walking down the path, to then be greeted by entertainers already on the train

Ran-round and ready to depart Percy Main

Next train loading up

401 running round at Percy Main

A small snippet of the performance in the museum after visitors had their train ride

Percy Main again

At the end of the day...A5 dragged out the running shed and ready to go back into the museum whilst 401 is about to be disposed