Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Kitson 2509

Today we look into the archives, today we see our flagship locomotive Kitson 2509 of 1883, a Stephenson long boiler type delivered to the Consett Iron Co. Absorbed by the NCB in 1947 it ended its working life at Derwenthaugh in 1972. She was initially stored at Marley hill, before being moved to Monkwearmouth before finally arriving at Middle Engine Lane.
She is pictured at Consett, Derwenthaugh, and Marley Hill...

Photos courtesy of:
Neville Stead
Armstrong Railway Photographic Trust


Monday, 30 August 2021

Sunday, 29 August 2021

401 back in service and PTS training

Cleaners preparing 401 for its days service

Off shed

Trainees (L to R), Katie, Jonathan and Cameron attending a track walk out lead by Traction Inspector Michael (far right) as part of the Personal Track Safety walk out/assessment

In a position of safety and acknowledging 401's whistle


Friday, 27 August 2021

Hartley Waggonway

By 1758 a waggonway was constructed from the Hartley pits to 'Hartley Harbour' later known as Seaton Sluice. Between 1851 and 1853 an intermittent passenger service operated along the line. The last coal exports left in 1866 and the last large ship left the silted up Harbour in 1872.

However in 1914 it was intended to open a new electrified branch to Collywell Bay, a new name for Seaton Sluice to encourage tourism. It never opened due to the War, despite being substantially complete, including stations, signal boxes and track. During the war it housed a 54 ton, 9.2 inch naval gun. Which was pushed and pulled along the line by two NER locomotives. The line was dismantled after the war, never opening!

Photos courtesy of:
Billy Embleton
Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums


Thursday, 26 August 2021

401 steam test

Cameron lighting up 401 for its steam test

Raising steam

Testing the blowdown valve under pressure

Cameron driving


Avenue Branch

One of the least well known and photographed sections of the Blyth & Tyne was known as the Avenue Branch. The branch connected the line from Hartley down towards the coast to the new terminus at Tynemouth. The passenger service started in 1861, it had a short life as a passenger route closing in 1869, but continued as a freight line and occasional through services until 1965.

Photos courtesy of Billy Embleton


Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Scouts Special

Some photos of 08915 running this evening with a charter train for a Scouts group visit


Axlebox removal on 69

Four of six axleboxes along with their pins, bearings and hornstays etc removed from 69s wheelsets

Michael making a start scraping muck of the wheels


Percy Main staiths, 1932

In 1932 aerial photography was still in its infancy. However, we are lucky to have this shot of the staiths at Percy Main commissioned by Hartley Main Collieries in 1932. This shows the staiths, East Howden on the left and Percy Main itself in the background. Our station is marked by the red dot in the second image!

Photos byBilly Embleton.


Sunday, 22 August 2021

Wheelset removal on 69

A few days ago, 69 was jacked up in the yard to free the axles after removal of the hornstays and springs 

From left to right, Katie, Cameron, Dai, Jonathan and Joe cleaning up springs

Jonathan (L) cleaning a spring whilst Joe (R) makes a start on one of the hornstays

Cameron cleaning hornstays

Katie cutting off the front vacuum pipe

Later in the day, 69 is jacked up higher and Michael (L), Steve (centre) and John (R) roll out the centre axle

Centre axle rolled out, Steve on the floor is knocking out the centre spring pin. This pin was blocked by the crank web when the wheelset was still under the frame, so it was rolled out with the spring still attached

All axles out