Sunday, 28 February 2021

Work on No.69

Tropical weather in Tyneside has lead to a successful day's work readying the boiler for removal from the frame with the tools being packed away after the sun had set.

A couple of stubborn bolts didn’t come out complete and some had to be liquified however the boiler is currently about an inch higher than it was this morning.

Michael removing the nuts and bolts in the smokebox end

Some of the bolt heads had to be ground flat and the nut (with what was left of the bolt) punched through

Boiler expansion plate removed

The large nuts and bolts at the front end sadly didn't want to come out, in this photo Tom is burning them off

The remaining firebars pre removal

Whats left of the ashpan was held on by two cotter pins at the front of the foundation ring, these have now been cut off and the ashpan freed from the boiler


More work on 6555

John and Tom busy today continuing their work on sanding down the bodywork on coal hopper No.6555


Saturday, 27 February 2021

Lineside work at the Rising Sun bridge

In preparation for the bridge inspection and reopening of the railway, volunteers have made a start clearing lineside vegetation from around the Rising Sun overbridge

Antony clearing vegetation from around the north west parapet

Tom doing the same on the other side

Adam working underneath the bridge

Burning the waste in the back field back up at Middle Engine Lane


Work on ACC5

George using the donkey saw to cut off the waste from newly machined crosshead slippers for Ashington No.5

Back in the mill for the finer cutting

Meanwhile, Alan has started marking up the new wear plates for the axlebox faces. These will be cut to size and welded on in the next few weeks


Prepping 6555 for painting

Tom and John making a start preparing coal hopper no.6555 for painting


Friday, 26 February 2021

Sleepers delivery

Today we took delivery of 40 second-hand hardwood sleepers as well as numerous second hand crossing timbers


Separating and stacking up sleepers

Crossing timbers


Work on the roller

Tom working on the steam roller today, here he is burning out defective rivets on the motion bracket. The holes will eventually be reamed to a bigger size and new rivets fitted


Fence work in the yard

The new post and chain fence posts around the yards loading spur area have seen their first trial fit today to determine if any of the posts need chamfering

Rob undercoating


Metro Bridge History

One of the most unique features of our railway is the rail over rail bridge at Percy Main.

The bridge saw the Newcastle & North Shields Railway (now the Tyne & Wear Metro) crossing over the Blyth & Tyne. A bridge was installed here for the opening of Newcastle & North Shields in 1839.


Photos credits:

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Blyth & Tyne Bridge Crossing

Continuing our look at the Museum site before the museum was built. The following four images show the cutting where the Blyth & Tyne dipped under the Backworth Waggonway. Which crossed over by means of a bridge. The approach to the museum from Percy Main and the Backworth line near Middle Engine Lane.

Approaching the museum site from Percy Main.

The last loco to use the Backworth Bridge. This is now the site of our museum.

Backworth crossing the B & T

Backworth 49 passing the chimney of the Middle Engine at Murton Row.

Photo credits:
Eric Carlin

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Brake coach No.E43172 update

A lot of work has gone into the overhaul of No.E43172 over the past couple of weeks. A lot of the fabrication work is still being concentrated on in the guard's compartment whilst the painters are making a start preparing and painting the opposite end of the carriage.

Metal in the donkey saw being cut to size for the gap between the guard's step and stanchion support bracket on the east side of the carriage

The gap in question

With the edge cut off and the sides chamfered the plate is clamped in place ready for welding

Welded in

Michael welding in another new support bracket

Rotten frame work at the top of the guard's compartment double doors on the east side of the carriage

Rotten section cut out

Michael cutting a replacement piece

Michael sizing up the new piece before fettling

Welding it in

Michael begins sizing up a new stanchion

Clamped in place

Welded in place

A close up of the replacement plate on the framework at the top of the double doors after being welded in

Michael sizing up the new double door's lintel

Welding it in

Making some finer adjustments at the other end

On the west side of the guard's compartment, there was a dent. The metal received a vertical cut before being bashed outwards using a hammer and dolly

Welding it back up

Welds ground back

Steve welding a support patch on one of the west side stanchions

The two stanchions in question with their support metal welded on (second picture below)

Jean continuing her work on the interior along with Rob (pictured below)

Rob having a tidy up

Norman sanding one of the west side doors

Norman painting the north end buffer beam with primer

A couple days later, Michael begins applying the first coat of primer on the north end of the carriage

 More updates to follow soon