Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Metalwork on E43172

A lot of work has taken place on brake coach No.E43172 in the days after Christmas, including three new patches on the west side of the carriage and more work on the guards compartment end east side

The first of three patches to do on the west side, this photo shows the rotten plate underneath/behind a doorstop

Doorstop removed and the plate halfway through being cleaned up/sanded down

Rotten piece cut out, new piece in place

Steve welding the replacement piece in

Welds ground back and holes for the doorstop drilled

Daryl carrying on with sanding down the south end

Michaels work on the guards compartment end, being shown here is the replacement piece on the frame ready to be welded in, compared with the rotten piece

Welded in

Rotten corner piece successfully cut out. Also just visible in this photo is the new metal welded in on the very bottom of the south crash barrier/stanchion 

Steve starts cleaning up the next doorstop piece

Same again, it is quite rotten just below and behind the doorstop

The view from behind/inside the carriage, the bolt ends/nuts have also been ground flat to allow the seized bolts to be removed

Cutting out

Cleaned up ready for welding

The new piece held in place

Tack welded in place

Some additional welds were done between the bracket and the new metal for extra support

Welds ground back and holes drilled

Onto the next one, this time on one of the doors

Cut out and cleaned up

New piece welded in

Steve grinding back the welds

Welded in and holes drilled

The three patches, awaiting bodyfiller


Friday, 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at the North Tyneside Steam Railway Association!

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Work on E43172

Work is progressing well on brake coach No.E43172, whilst most of the recent posts have been on the carriage's guards compartment, this post looks at work taking place elsewhere on the carriage

A rotten piece cut out of the upper north end

Replacement piece tacked in place

Welded in by the trainee

Welds ground flat

Through in the woodshop, Michael D begins sanding down, repairing (where required), and varnishing some of the hardwood floorings out of the guard's compartment

Steve cuts out another piece of metal bodywork for replacement

This photo shows the area that had been cut out and its replacement sitting on the buffer

Michael W welding in the replacement piece

Michael W (L) grinds back his welds after they had cooled, and Steve (R) grinds back his welds on another patch that had been built up with weld

Thomas (L) and Adam (R) trial fitting a replacement door that had been in storage


More work on 722

More progress on coal hopper No.722...New center stanchion tack welded in place on the south end

Rotten spine cut out

Tom finishing off welding in the stanchion

Inside the hopper can be seen where the rotten spine has been cut out

Michael (L) and Tom (R) heating up rusted bottom door hinges to free them up

John (L) and Tom (R) cutting out a section of plate from inside the hopper

The view from outside


Friday, 18 December 2020

Work on 6555

Following No.6555 being shunted outside some work has taken place, this photo shows the new chains for the monkey tail pins having been fitted

The inside of the hopper has finished being painted with bitumen

And lastly, John has finished off painting the patched/replacement lower skirts on the exterior


Thursday, 17 December 2020

Work on 722

With work largely complete on coal hopper No.6555 the wagon was shunted outside and No.722 was brought into the workshop for bodywork

Tom cutting a new center stanchion on the donkey saw for No.722's south end

Photo to show where the old stanchion has been cut out off the wagons south end

Tom cleans up the ends where the stanchion is attached