Sunday, 1 October 2023

Engine Cleaning

This week, Aadil and youth team members Aaran, William, Chad, Ben and Ruben have given 1208 a thorough clean and polish after its short break from hauling trains at the NTSR.

Meanwhile, new volunteer Shane has been polishing the metalwork.

On shed this morning. Note the change of identity!

1208 has carried many names over the past 107 years! Having spent its first year at NTSR as 'Nightingale/Seacole', it is now carrying its 'Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons No.88' nameplates. Upon closure of the Nidd Valley Light Railway in 1936, 1208 was sold to Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd., for whom it worked at Ebbw Vale steelworks until 1940.


Saturday, 30 September 2023

Woodland Walk Update

A small band of NTSRA volunteers have been forging ahead with the second phase of the Woodland Walk project over the past couple of months...

Bricks, paving slabs and other materials being sorted for woodland walk construction...

James digging a trench for the foundations of a sleeper wall...

Richard mixing cement.

Sleeper wall taking shape.

Nearly complete! The sleeper wall will separate the Woodland Walk from the new Permanent Way materials storage area.

Tuesday, 26 September 2023

Carriage Cleaning

Aadil and Chad have been busy giving the SLO a much needed polish...

What a difference!

Thursday, 21 September 2023

Thursday P-Way

This week's Permanent Way team have been working to ensure the track into Middle Engine Lane platform has a smooth level along the rails.

Steve using one of the handheld tampers.

Sunday, 17 September 2023

401 at the Severn Valley Railway

This weekend, our Bagnall 401 has been one of the star guests at the Severn Valley Railway's Autumn Steam gala (14th-17th September). Over the course of the event, the loco was used over the whole 16 miles of the SVR on a variety of freight and passenger trains...

Photo courtesy of Derek Carruthers

Photo courtesy of Paul Lawrence

Photo courtesy of Kirk Heath

Photo courtesy of Kirk Heath

Photo courtesy of Kirk Heath

Setting off from Bridgnorth.

Sat at Arley with a short local train.

Ready for departure from Kidderminster.

After arrival at Arley.

On shed at Bewdley.

Photo courtesy of Ron Chandler.

Photo courtesy of Ron Chandler.

Photo courtesy of Richard Harnetty.

Photo courtesy of Richard Harnetty.

401 is also set to appear at Autumn steam galas at the Mid Hants Railway (6th-8th October) and the Dean Forest Railway (14th-15th October).

Sunday, 3 September 2023

Today's Trains

Cameron cooking breakfast.

The first train of the day after arrival at Percy Main.

Matt closing doors in preparation for departure.

The fireman's view on the way back to Middle Engine Lane.

A surprise group booking made it necessary to fetch a third carriage before the second train.

Cameron resetting the points at Percy Main after 1208 had run through them.

Trainee Fireman Tristan building up his fire.

Cameron and Tristan ready to go with the last train.

The last train of the day arrives back at Middle Engine Lane.