Sunday, 29 October 2017

Successful Last Day of the 2017 Season

It's been a hectic day today to finish off 2017s running season, every train was full and A.No.5 & No.D2078 were out in service Top N Tailing three carriages

Just one of the many Halloween decorations scattered around the Waggonway Tea Room

A.No.5 stood at Middle Engine Lane on the North end of the Top N Tailed service with No.D2078

Just one of the pumpkins that were scattered around the site 

One of the events outside the museum, Birds of Prey handling
Todays spooky crew! From left to right, Fireman Stephen Thornton, Cleaner Douglas McNicoll and Driver Michael Wortley

Friday, 27 October 2017

No.401 Wheelsets Return

401s wheelsets with brand new shiny tyres arrived back today from the South Devon Railway!

Flangeless centre wheelset

Carefully being unloaded

The wheelsets left the railway last March, shortly after it was discovered that their tyre edges were like knife edges, this was caused by the tight curves/corners that they have endured at the NTSR. 401s frames should be back on its wheelsets very soon, then the lads can begin the reconstruction process in preparation for the return of the boiler

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Coal Stage Construction Progress

The two Michael's moving & marking out pieces of rail in preparation for cutting

Michael W begins breaking up rock/concrete etc with the Jack Hammer

Michael W digging out the broken up rock from one of the holes

Michael D begins knocking out the rock where the next hole is going to be dug

After the Auger had been in, Michael W had the delightful job of picking out lumps of clay by hand

Trial fitting a piece of rail whilst Richard starts to dig the trench alongside the other side of the concrete pad

Steve, Michael W & Richard begin working on the corner holes
Making progress, Michael W digging and Richard shovelling the rubble out
Richard & Michael W begin digging the next hole using the Auger

A5 out on the Iron Road today

It's been a busy day today at the North Tyneside Steam Railway, with 'Make & Take' crafts as well as 'Portraits of Courage' dance performances by Elliot Smith at the Stephenson Railway Museum. A.No.5 has also been out today hauling passenger trains on a normal timetable

Passengers watching A.No.5 slowly backing onto its train at Percy Main with the first train of the day

Trainee Fireman John building his fire up at Percy Main

Trainee Guard Joe giving the green flag to Driver Tom with the 1400 train to Percy Main

A.No.5 waiting to run-round its train at Percy Main

Visitors admiring A.No.5 after the locomotive had run-round, ready for the run back up to Middle Engine Lane

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

No.401 Frame Painting

Volunteer Kieth has been continuing his cosmetic work on 401s lining before the wheelsets return

Red lining around the axlebox horn guides

After a days work with the brush

Sunday, 22 October 2017

A5 & Crew in Action Today

Trainee Fireman Joe Stuart uncoupling A.No.5 from the carriages at Middle Engine Lane this afternoon after a run up from Percy Main

A.No.5 sporting the new Birthday Special Headboard today, with a young birthday boy called Alfie being the first to have his name on it!

Lunchtime is certainly the most important part of the day and Joe's fireman training...

North Tyneside Steelband Performing

The North Tyneside Steelband have certainly put on a fantastic show throughout today, shown here with a small crowd enjoying their music in the early hours

D2078 On The Morning Line Inspection

Parked up just beyond the ground-frame at Percy Main, the crew carry out a thorough line inspection every operating day to check for line obstructions, fencing, crossing gates are closed and both the lever pulled point and ground-frame are operational at Percy Main

Stabled in the South Headshunt for the day

Friday, 20 October 2017

Now In Stock

We're happy to say that our Tearoom is now serving some simply superb Cream Teas!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Throwback Thursday #28

D2078, or 03078 as it is in this photo, shunting George Stephenson's Killingworth Billy into the museum in 1989. Billy was built in 1826 for use at Killingworth Colliery and is known as one of the early pioneering Killingworth locomotives. It is usually called Killingworth Billy to differentiate it from Puffing Billy which was built by William Hedley in 1813 for use at Wylam Colliery.

Puffing Billy would have actually ran past George Stephenson's cottage in Wylam, which is where he got a lot of ideas for his locomotives from. Killingworth Billy ran up until 1881 when it was then presented to Newcastle City Council. Today Billy is still a proud static display in the Stephenson Railway Museum

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Steam & Steel Pans

To celebrate the official opening of the Waggonway Tearoom, this Sunday we will be joined by the North Tyneside Steel Band. The band will be giving performances throughout the day


Kitson & Co A.No.5 of 1883 will also be in service hauling passenger trains out of Middle Engine Lane at 1130, 1230, 1400 & 1500

Head over to our Facebook page to enter our competition, like and share the latest post to be entered into a prize draw, the winner will be announced on Saturday morning and will win a free train ride and Cream Tea for a family of four!

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Brass Market

The Brass Market visited the Stephenson Railway Museum today bringing steampunk trade stands into the museum, heritage combat/pickpocketing demonstrations outside the museum entrance and live music performances in the Waggonway Tearoom

Successful First Weekend for the Waggonway Tearoom

This weekend was the unofficial opening of our new Waggonway Tearoom which proved to be very popular, the official & advertised opening is next weekend, the Stephenson Railway Museum and Tearoom will also be open throughout October Half Term

A limited menu was served this weekend with the full menu in operation next week

Decoration and menu supplied on each table