Monday, 31 May 2021

Work on tank wagon No.4

Some minor work has been undertaken on tank wagon no.4 today to make it a bit more sturdy to run at the upcoming Gala!

Rotten metal being cut out on the east side brake stanchion

Cut out and being prepped for welding

Steve setting up the MIG

Welding replacement metal in place

Meanwhile, John and Michael have removed one of the old wooden tank supports and cut new wood to size to replace it


Sunday, 30 May 2021

401 in service

401 steaming up on shed this morning ahead of passenger services

Taking water

Heading to Percy Main with the first service of the day. Photo courtesy of Daryl Mitchelhill

Ran round and ready to depart Percy Main

Later in the day, running round at Percy Main

Rounding Percy Main curve, under the Wallsend Road Bridge, with Joe driving

Another shot of running round at Percy Main..


08915 on line inspection

08915 down at Percy Main on the morning line inspection


Friday, 28 May 2021

RSH 49 to visit North Tyneside Railway

Our second visitor for our 30th Anniversary Gala!

We are very pleased to announce that RSH No.49 will be joining us on the 9th, 10th and 11th July 2021!

49 is returning to her old territory. Whilst the locomotive worked for the NCB she was regularly running between Backworth Colliery to the staithes at Whitehill Point, passing through the site of our museum at Middle Engine Lane and following the route our line runs on today.

49 is visiting the NTSR courtesy of Tanfield Railway.

Photo: Tanfield Railway


Wednesday, 26 May 2021

New water hose

After loosening the jubilee clips, Michael removes the old torn and battered water hose from the water tower this afternoon

Replaced by a new hose


ACC No.5 being loaded at Ashington Colliery

A throwback for you today, with Peckett Ashington 5 being loaded onto a low loader at Ashington Colliery possibly heading into preservation at the North Norfolk Railway.

Any further information welcome.

Richard West.


Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Jacking and packing 722

Coal hopper No.722 has been 'jacked and packed' today to allow the wheelsets to be removed

The wheelsets are due to be sent away in the couple weeks to have their journals turned


NTSR Twitter

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Work on 103136

Our Boldon / Whitburn Colliery coal wagon has recently had its buffer extensions removed. When the wagon was outshopped as the battery carrier wagon for Harton Electric E4 each buffer had an extension installed to allow it to be coupled to E4. As E4 is no longer in operation the extensions have been removed to make coupling and uncoupling the wagon from other stock easier for crews

John (L) and Michael (R) begin removing the first buffer

On the bench the extension is separated from the buffer

North end buffers without their extensions

First south end buffer off

For comparison, the last buffer before removal, still fitted with its extension

John begins removing the buffer


Sunday, 23 May 2021

First passenger trains of the year

401 has been back in action today for the first day back open and the first steam hauled passenger trains at NTSR in 2021!


08915 shunting

08915 shunting the passenger stock into the platform


Morning prep on 401

Shed cleaners set about cleaning 401



401 and volunteers getting ready for the first steam-hauled trains of 2021 this morning!


Saturday, 22 May 2021

Afternoon shunting

08915 hauling 401 and 722 out of the running shed/workshop

With 401 and 722 stabled out the way, 03078 was hauled out of the museum to be stabled in the workshop

03078 being propelled towards the running shed

After stabling 03078, 401 was picked back up and shunted behind 03078

Next job was onto the coal wagons

6555 was dragged up and down the yard a couple times to make sure all is well following it being lowered back onto its axles, with John supervising

Picking up 722

Propelling the coal wagons back onto the 'flat road'

Lastly, 03078 and 401 are shunted into the running shed/workshop