Friday, 31 August 2018

COHESION unloading

Our headlining act for tomorrow night, COHESION, unloading their gear this evening

Vintage Buses

Vintage buses arriving this evening which will be on display over the weekend, courtesy of the North East Bus Preservation Trust

Bar Building

E4s battery wagon makes for a good bar

John painting the table top for the bar

Stage Building & Museum Cleaning

Volunteers have spent the entire day building the stage and rigging, clearing and cleaning the museum and much much more! Photos below

Richard underneath the stage connecting it all together

Tom and Joe moving the superheater model outside

Phil and Richard setting up the PA

Truss building begins

Truss going up

Joe and Michael set to work on the outside festoon lighting

Stage lighting

Beer garden lit up

Volunteer burning the midnight oil!

Light testing

Adam and Thomas cleaning the water trough model

Tom cleaning the museum floor

Truss at full height

Richard and Michael setting up one side of the front stage lighting

John setting up the other side

Backstage steps built

This Weekend!

ABR starts TOMORROW! Keep an eye on the blog throughout today to see all the prep that's going into it!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

ABR Prep

With the museum closed and Ashington No.5 disposed of the lads set to work on cleaning and clearing areas in preparation for Ale by Rail

Michael and Joe cleaning the apron

Trial assembly of the beer garden!

Barrels and cable drum as tables temporarily in place

Work begins on clearing the museum on some of it's smaller exhibits

No.1 moved back to allow space for the stage being built tomorrow

E4 being shunted out the museum

Coal up & blow down

Coaling up with the tractor

Driver Michael blowing down Ashington No.5

Steam Trains Today

Steaming up this morning

Away down on the line inspection light engine

Ready for the first departure from Percy Main

After arriving at Percy Main with the last train of the day