Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Lineside photo spots

Fancy taking some lineside photos during our 30th Anniversary Gala?

The majority of our running line runs adjacent to the Waggonway footpath and can be accessed from Middle Engine Lane (What3Words: cute.dining.lamps) or Burdon Street (What3Words: tricks.avoid.unless).

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Cutting up the old fence

Volunteers cutting up whats left of the old platform fence

Matthew and Richard filling up the woodstore with the cut up wood


Platform bench work

New wood in the process of being installed on one of the overhauled benches for the platform, which volunteer Angus has been slowly working on


Work on the platform lamps

The first of four lamposts on the platform has received its repainted lamp head after being given a second coat of gloss white


Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Recent work on coal hopper 722

722's wheelsets at Crowther Engineering in Washington after having their journals turned

Returning to Middle Engine Lane

Back on the rails and given a coat of gloss black

Engineers blue was used on the wagons bearings to locate and skim any high spots

The next day work began on lowering the wagon back down onto its axles. In this photo, Michael is fitting on the axleboxes bearings before lifting the axlebox onto the journal

With the axlebox on its time for the underkeep, in this photo Michael is fitting the underkeep oiling pad and rubber insert around the edge of the underkeep box

Successfully fitted, 4 down 3 to go

After fitting all four axleboxes the long process of lowering the wagon back down begins. In this photo, Steve is watching the horn guides to ensure they sit correctly with the axlebox

Slowly getting lower down

Successfully down and the hornstays fitted


How to get to our Percy Main Station

During our 30th Anniversary Gala, taking place Friday 9th - Sunday 11th July, our Percy Main station will be open from 8:30am each day and train tickets can be purchased off our passenger service’s Guard!

The stations access point can be found on Brunton Street and is roughly a 5 minute walk from Percy Main Metro Station. If you’re getting the metro along to join any of our trains at Percy Main, enter Brunton Street after exiting the Metro Station and follow the street round until you see our station on your right.

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Beat the queues by pre-booking your tickets here


Monday, 28 June 2021

Gala Timetables

Hot off the press! Gala timetables below

Pre-book your tickets for our 30th Anniversary Gala here


Sunday, 27 June 2021

401 in service

401 steaming up this morning

Ready to depart Percy Main with the first service

John taking 401 onto the train whilst running round at Middle Engine Lane

Later in the day trainee fireman Katie driving 401 back onto shed


Saturday, 26 June 2021

Lamp replacement on the lathe

Dai replacing the bulb in the lathes lamp this afternoon


Annual General Meeting

Members of the North Tyneside Steam Railway Association attending 2021s belated Annual General Meeting to recount the events and accounts for 2020



Trainee driver David at the controls of 03078

A.No.5 and Meaford No.1 hauled out of the museum to make room for the AGM


Thursday, 24 June 2021

Jacking and packing

Some photos of the National Skills Solutions track training team down the line, jacking and packing rail joints this afternoon


Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Work on Middle Engine Lane platform

Work on Middle Engine Lane platform continues, with the platform fencing getting its first top of matte black, meanwhile Tom applies the first top coat of gloss white to one of the lamposts

Tom painting the lampost, Joe painting the fence

Down the other end of the platform, John undercoats the last of four lamposts

The modern style 'Stop, Look, Listen' boards at either side of the foot crossing to the platform have been replaced by cast iron ones



General waste skip being delivered down the field this afternoon


Monday, 21 June 2021

Digging out an old gate post

The digger being used to dig out one of the old gate posts at the southern end of Middle Engine Lane platform


Sunday, 20 June 2021

401 in service

Awaiting passengers for the first train of the day

Driver Tom watching the road ahead on the climb out of Percy Main with the first service of the day

Trainee Katie (L) watching the gauge with Fireman Rob (R) overseeing