Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wednesday Jobs

After a busy weekend, George and John make repairs to Ashington No.5's LHS glands
The broken washer which was causing problems with the firemans side injector on Ashington No.5 
Parts for the crane being cleaned
Billy making a small mobile fire pit 

More parts for the crane
The gland removed from the piston body to receive some fresh packing

New turn of packing successfully in place in the RHS gland of A.No.5
George measuring and cutting packing for the LHS gland

Monday, 29 August 2016

Day #3 of Day Out With Thomas

A5 being coaled up for the day ahead
Unfortunately due to mechanical issues, Ashington No.5 was taken out of service for the last day of DOWT and replaced by A.No.5

A5 sitting at Middle Engine Lane
Thomas sitting down at the South Headshunt
The driver (right) and fireman (left) of Thomas The Tank Engine, Stephen Thornton & Norman Swindle
The low loader getting into place

Michael carefully driving 08915 onto the low loader to allow the locomotive to be turned

Thomas's face cover goes on for the long drive home
The low loader leaving the site with 08915

Round the round about and back in
Being unloaded the opposite way it was loaded

Successfully turned locomotive!

Thomas's turn, onto the low loader

The Gresley coach and crane being shunted back into the yard

Reversing out into Middle Engine Lane
Until next year....

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Day #2 of Day Out With Thomas

Bit smokey there Thomas...
Ashington No.5 prepped and ready to go on the first train

Fireman Richard (left) on the regulator with driver Michael (right)
Second-Man Mark on D2078
Fireman Robin cleaning A.No.5's fire at the end of the day

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Day #1 of Day Out With Thomas.

Second-Man, Kevin, oils one of the axleboxes of 08915 
Early morning steam raising
Richard and Robin coaling up A5
The morning shunt begins
Thomas shunting A.No.5 onto the pit road to allow the loco to be oiled 
The traction engine arrives on site
Trevor the Traction Engine posing next to A.No.5 on the coal road

Tug Of War with Trevor The Traction Engine! 
The driver of Ashington No.5, Keith waiting patiently at Percy Main for the green flag
Climbing out of Percy Main
Rounding Percy Main curve
Martin on the shovel
Mid-Day ashing out of Ashington No.5 
Part of the event, Thomas becomes poorly, the fireman and cleaner on the running board with fishing rods to catch the fish in Thomas's tank!