Monday, 31 August 2020

401 shunting

After passenger operations had finished for the day 401 is seen shunting the lowmac flatrol wagon into Middle Engine Lane run-round loop

As well as shunting the tank wagons back down into the south headshunt

More wagon FTRs

Carrying on with more wagon FTRs today, this time the three tank wagons were over the pit for inspection and oil up

Steve oiling axleboxes

Oil pump

Recently acquired oil pump, as arrived and before sanding

After being sanded down it was given a coat of primer

Followed by undercoat

And finally top coat

401 Bank Holiday trains

Antony lighting up 401 this morning

Steamed up and ready to go

401 shunting wagons out of the south headshunt before entering service for the day

After shunting, 401 heads off to pick up the coaching stock


Taking water

Sunday, 30 August 2020

401 shunting 69

After passenger trains had finished for the day, 401 picks up 69 in order to shunt it over the pit

69 over the pit for some survey work underneath and cleaning

After disposal, and putting 69 back in the yard, 03079 shunts 401 back into the shed

401 in service

401 down at Percy Main today on passenger services

Wagon FTRs

Each coal wagon has been over the pit this afternoon for a Fitness to Run examination (FTR) and oil round

Rob using a syringe to syphon out water from one of the axleboxes on 722

Work on the Lambton van

Winterisation work began today on the new Lambton van, No.21. First job being to fit a tarpaulin over the roof

Once over the pit volunteers began wiring brushing and scraping old rust and scale off the frames and axles

John working underneath

Katie and Rob working on the outside framework of the van

The frames/brakes/axleboxes etc after receiving a protective coat of oil

The rest of the images show temporary patches that John has fitted over the rotten areas of the bodywork. This work is purely to get the van through winter before proper work can begin on it in the spring

Brake van lettering

Tom doing more lettering paintwork on the brake van

Steaming up

401 steaming up whilst being prepared and clean by its crew

Friday, 28 August 2020

First running day of 2020

Today was the railway's first day back running passenger trains! With 08915 and 401 both in service.

With 401 still undergoing a last-minute spring change, 08915 stands in for the first two passenger trains

First passengers of 2020

401 down at Percy Main on a proving run

Stopped at Middle Engine Lane for a quick walk round to check all is well before entering service

401 at Percy Main

On the climb to Middle Engine Lane

Running round at Middle Engine Lane