Thursday, 29 October 2020

401 in service

Photos of 401 out running trains today

Shunting in the yard

Fireman Joe building up his fire


Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Filming day

Photos of 401 out today for filming purposes

Fireman Antony (L) and Driver Tom (R) set about cleaning the cab ceiling

Heading into the workshop to pick up 6555

Hauling 6555 out the shed to be stabled in the yard

Antony coupling up to the train

Ready to depart Middle Engine Lane

Returning to Middle Engine Lane

On shed for disposal

More on 6555

More progress on 6555's south apron after a coat of primer, including the new centre stanchion now in place


Sunday, 25 October 2020

401 in service

401 entering Middle Engine Lane

Station Staff & Guard (also father & son) Nigel (L) and Joe (R)

Guards view en-route to Percy Main

Joe gives the green flag to the driver at Percy Main for the right away

Work on 6555

John positioning the new metal piece on the south end of 6555 after sliding it off the forks

After cutting out the corners to allow the metal to fit around the stanchions, John begins welding


Paint work on ACC5

A longer update will hopefully follow soon on the mechanical work that has been taking place on Ashington No.5 over the past few weeks, but for now here is a couple images of Normans painting progress

Various touch ups have been carried out on the front and rear buffer beam

Norman painting the RHS running board side and steam heating pipe


Morning shunting

Fireman Antony building up his fire

401 departs Middle Engine Lane south headshunt after stabling 08915

Picking up the Lambton van before shunting stock out of the museum

Hauling coal hopper 6555 out the workshop

Departing Middle Engine Lane on the morning line inspection


Wednesday, 21 October 2020


Nexus Unimog stabled in Middle Engine Lane platform...Nexus have been on-site with the Unimog the past two weeks flailing our line to allow for staff training


New platform at the yard gates

John and Bob have been busy constructing a new platform down at the yard gates in order to ease access for crews when opening the gates


Sunday, 18 October 2020


401 shunting the lowmac wagon out of the north headshunt after arriving back at Middle Engine Lane with the last train

After shunting the coaching stock away, 401 shunts 03078 and MEA1 back into the museum


401 in service

401 down the line on the morning line inspection

Fireman Joe coupling 401 up to the train

401 in the north headshunt at Middle Engine Lane whilst running round, shortly after returning with the second trip of the day



Steve strimming lineside vegetation in the north headshunt


Oil top up on 03078

Thomas topping up the final drive (above image) and the gearbox (image below) with the appropriate oils on 03078


Wednesday, 14 October 2020

More carriage sanding

Today has seen the east side of the brake coach, E43172, sanded down excluding the doors which will be removed and worked on separately.


Friday, 9 October 2020

Rivet work on the roller

Pictures and a couple videos of Adam, from Northern Steam Engineering Ltd, burning out rivets on the steam rollers boiler barrel/firebox lap