Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Weighing 401

Big thanks to Andrew & Jamie, from the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, for their help with weighing 401 today, check out more of what they get up to in Grosmont MPD here


Andrew & Jamie taking rear buffer heights

Setting up the load cells in the pit

Tied onto D2078, due to 401 having to float when it is being weighed with the handbrake off and no chocks in, it is buffered right up to the 03 and the coupling wound in tight

Positioned over the weighing equipment

Cables being unloaded

Andrew connecting cables into the readout

Whilst Jamie connects the other ends into each load cell underneath

Tightening up the cells to lift each wheel ever so slightly off the rail

Andrew watching the readout as springs are tightened/loosened where and when required

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