Saturday, 15 June 2019

Crank pins receiving attention

George using a micrometer to chec the roundness of the rear LHS crank pin

As it is 6 thou out of round he uses a file then a stone to remove 3 thou from each side

It's now round to 1 thou which he can remove once the new bearings arrive, George is currently in the process of doing the same on all other crank pins

Friday, 14 June 2019

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Peckett paintwork update

Underkeeps/hornstays with their top coat of gloss black applied

Norman has made a start on the repaint of the frames, starting with the front half of the RHS which has been needle gunned and a coat of primer applied

Eccentric rods painted black

Track panel building continues

Adjusting the positions of chairs


Using the tractor to adjust the position of the second length of rail

Spring adjustment

Michael and Steve have been making some adjustments to 401s springs this evening, Michael is seen here jacking up the front of the loco to relieve the weight on the front springs

Sunday, 9 June 2019

03078 on driver experiences

03078 running in the yard today on driver experiences

Sat at the steps

All back in the shed at the end of the day

08915 in service

08915 out running trains today, here running round at Percy Main

Back at Middle Engine Lane

Running round

Back to shed at the end of the day

401 on display

401 on display on the apron today

Today was also the locos steam test following its washout on Thursday, with everything proving steam tight

Steve firing

After the days events the crane was shifted and 401 moved over to the loading spur under its own steam to be coaled up

Workshop Tours

David and George giving workshop tours today as part of our Volunteer Recruitment Day

Volunteer stall and forge

Joe setting up the stall

Tom working the forge

Father & son, Nigel and Joe

Coal & Limestone Carrying Model Railways

Some photos of the model railways in the museum today as part of the Coal & Limestone Carrying Model Railways event today

Morning shunting and prep

Shunting and arranging the yard this morning

Picking up 401, crane and dogfish

Stabling 401 and the crane on the flat road

08915 being cleaned by second man Adam

401 lit

With 03078 doing driver experiences on the shed road, the dogfish wagon was placed in the running shed as a barrier wagon