Monday, 21 January 2019

Jobs on 401

RHS injector removed to replace the gasket and one of the studs which was slightly too long, meaning it was digging into the back of the injector body. This then made it so it couldn't be tightened any more when it was leaking under steam

Joe starting to rub down the smokebox door for painting

First coat of primer being applied

Weekend work on D2078

Progress on the sanding down of D2078 made at the weekend by Norman

Saturday, 19 January 2019

First new step

Some of John's work today, making a new step for the brake van

08915 Gauge Repairs

Michael and Adam carrying out some repairs to 08915s header tank gauge today

This gauge is fitted in the cab at the very top, with the counterweight going through into the tank, this then moves the needle on the gauge depending on how full the header tank is. The header tank is fed by a manual pump which pumps it in from the main fuel tank

Steady hands required for some precise repairs

Clearing up the yard

Joe spent some time this morning clearing up the loading spur/coal road of any coal, returning it to the pile, as well as giving the rest of the yard a general tidy up

Friday, 18 January 2019

Brake Van Update

Trial fitting the outside ironwork for drilling holes in the new posts 

Richard lining up a corner bracket to mark up the wood for drilling

The general view of the new timber on the South end of the van. The cross beam in the middle was in good condition and has been reused. The rest will be ready for painting soon

401 Update

Following on from 401s first successful light steam test yesterday, the lads set to work on the list of things to investigate and give further attention to. Unfortunately the work was limited as the boiler was still quite hot from yesterday, meaning the water couldn't be dropped yet

Part of the cab floor was lifted up to allow access to the reverser quadrant which needed tightening

Michael fitting the dome cover

Meanwhile, Steve sets to work cleaning up the motion of any remaining grease that had been applied to protect the rods during overhaul