Sunday, 17 February 2019

08915 on Brake Van Rides

Photo's of 08915 in service on Brake Van rides today from Middle Engine Lane platform to the Coast Road Overbridge and return

Second man's view

Second man Paul shunting the van back into the shed at the end of the day

D2078 sanding down continues

Whilst our chief painter Norman is away on holiday, volunteer Davy has been carrying on with sanding down D2078 ready for painting

RHS side steps and handles


LHS coupling rods starting to be sanded down

ACC5 painting job

As well doing painting on 401, Joe also applied a coat of primer to Ashington No.5s regulator quadrant

401 painting job

Joe and his dad Nigel have got round to finishing off the paint job on 401s smokebox door this afternoon as well as applying primer to the sides of the smokebox, tank supports and on the LHS, the blower feed pipe

Starting up 08915

Driver Robin starting up 08915 this morning, the blue button he is holding operates an electric pump which pumps oil around the engine and primes the lubricating oil pressure before starting the engine up

Friday, 15 February 2019

General tidy up of the van

Some before and after shots of a general tidy up on the brake van today before it is used for van rides on Sunday

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Late afternoon shunting

Last job of today, 08915 shunting in order to swap D2078 and the Brake Van around

To begin with, the Gresley coach and crane were shunted out the way of the museum entrance

Picking up the Parcel Van and No.1

After dragging the stock out of the museum D2078 was picked up and dragged out the workshop

08915 propelling the stock

D2078 stabled outside whilst the carriage shop is cleared

D2078 stabled in the Carriage & Wagon workshop to finish its repaint

And the brake van in the running shed ready for van rides at Half Term. After Half Term the van will go back into the C&W workshop to overhaul the North end

Storage sorting

Christmas presents that are placed in the carriages as decorations going on the storage racks till next December

Next shrink wrapped pallet full ready for storage

Running board renewal

Newly constructed top running board

Underside with paint applied

Flipped over

John drilling the holes to fit the metal plate, which is fitted to the underside
Two sections joined

Nuts and bolts fitted and Richard painting to finish the job off

Display board work

John has been busy again this afternoon making more new display boards for the museum

More trimming making

Richard making more plug & tail trimmings for 401s motion

Throwback Thursday #35

Circa August 2001 of No.1 and A.No.5 out on steam test

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

New for the Museum

New display board built by John & Bob for the Museum

Work to brake van windows

John constructing new window beading today ready to fit the new glass

Glass going in

401 Work

Richard and Michael working on 401s oil points today, removing caps, cleaning out the pots and replacing trimmings

Cleaning up the bottom slidebar oiler

Bottom slidebar, showing where the oiler is fixed and the pipe that leads to the mechanical lubricator

Proving the oil line before refitting the oil pot

TSR boards progress

Michael carrying on with the TSR boards today

Carrying on painting

Peter carrying on with painting the 03s side doors in primer