Thursday, 6 December 2018

Machine Shop Progress

Newburn lads John & Bob's progress on the machine shop since last week

More of yesterday's progress on 401

The lads finished off getting the drivers front spectacle fitted after making some adjustments

Cab side sliders fitted

Drivers side

And the firemans side, bit of extra protection from the elements...

Drivers rear facing spectacle also fitted

Schools Special today

08915 at the helm of today's School Special, having just arrived back at Middle Engine Lane

CL carriage on charge ready for the weekend

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

401 Work

Some photos from the weekend's work and today

The top pipe in this photo which is fitted to the water pipe shut off is for the tank gauge soon to be fitted in the cab, the middle pipe is for the steam sands and the bottom pipe is for the blower

The pipes coming into the cab, the yellow lever on the left is the sanding gear

Slacker pipe fitted
Not much progress to show from today, one of the small jobs carried out by volunteers was fitting the drivers front facing spectacle

Over in the Carriage & Wagon workshop, Davy and Steve looked out the rest of the flooring for 401s cab, some of which is in the trolley in view and some pilled up on the right

Carriage charging

Firing up 08915

Coaching stock brought down the headshunt to position the SLO (middle carriage) for charging

Plugged in and charging, ready for the weekend

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Monday, 3 December 2018

Ashington No.5 in action yesterday

A couple of photos by Joe Stuart of Ashington No.5 slogging up the climb out of Percy Main with 140+ tons on the hook yesterday

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Late Night Shunting

Coaling up Ashington No.5

Fireman Johnson running a rake through his fire getting ready for disposal

Coupled back up to the wagons on the shed road, ready to put them back onto the loading spur. They were moved to allow Ashington No.5 onto the loading spur/coal road to be coaled up

08915 shunting the coaching stock back into the headshunt

Ashington No.5 at Victor Meldrews today

Ashington No.5 passing Percy Main housing estate, coming onto the curve on its way back to Middle Engine Lane

Santa Specials today

Sat at Middle Engine Lane waiting to depart

Getting ready to depart Middle Engine Lane with the first train of the day

Today's steam crew from left to right, Cleaner Douglas McNicoll, Fireman Robin Johnson and Driver Stephen Thornton

Back at Middle Engine Lane

Douglas on the shovel

Robin driving

On the slog back up to Middle Engine Lane with the 3rd train

08915 on the South end

Sun starts to set as the 4th train makes its way to Percy Main

Getting ready to depart

Sat at Percy Main with the last train

Robin firing

Loco Prep

Ashington No.5 sitting on the shed road being prepared by her crew ready for another day of Santa Specials

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Back on shed

Stabled on the loading spur awaiting coaling

Blowing down

Ashington No.5 arriving at Middle Engine Lane

Ashington No.5 powering into Middle Engine Lane with the 4th train of the day

First Day of Santa Specials

The first day of Santa Specials 2018

Train sat at Percy Main whilst Santa makes his way through the train
Today's steam crew from left to right, Cleaner Adam Saunders, Fireman Joe Stuart and Driver Michael Darling

Fairy lights fitted to the handrail get turned on as darkness falls

Back at Middle Engine Lane with the last train

Morning Prep

Photo's from early this morning of Ashington No.5 being cleaned and coaled up by her crew in preparation for the first day of Santa Specials