Sunday, 30 December 2018

Last running day of 2018, 08915 & ACC5 in service

Photos of Ashington No.5 and No.08915 in service today on the second day of Winter Warmers, which is the last day of running trains for the year

Whilst 08915 was down the line with a passenger train, Ashington No.5 shunts the dogfish, coal wagon and tool van back onto the loading spur/coal road

Robin, under assessment, driving 08915

Ashington No.5 stabled in the South headshunt whilst 08915 rolls in with the first train

Passengers boarding the 12:30 train

Getting ready to head down to Percy Main

At Percy Main, just joining the loop, starting the run-round

Reversing onto the North end of the train

Punters admiring Ashington No.5 whilst the fireman couples up to the train

Fireman Joe building up his fire

Ready to go

With the train being made up of 3 carriages today, it must be pulled forward at Middle Engine Lane to allow enough room to run-round, Joe watches the Guards hand signals whilst Rob drives the train forward

Joe uncoupling

Fast forward to the end of the day, Joe closes the yard gates. Drawing the 2018 running season to a close...

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