Sunday, 30 December 2018

After hours big shunt

Photos of some after-hours shunting this afternoon using 08915 and Ashington No.5 to get the Brake Van in the Carriage & Wagon workshop to finish its overhaul

Ashington No.5 coupled onto the Gresley coach and crane

Buffering up to the parcel van and RSH No.1

Dragging the parcel van and RSH No.1 out of the museum

No.1 on the move

08915 coupling up to the dogfish, coal wagon, tool van and brake van

No.1 over the pit

Brake van heading into the workshop

08915 propelling

08915 then came back out and picked up the flat wagon of E4s road

Robin shunting the flat wagon onto the back of Ashington No.5

08915 stabling the tool van on E4s road, then the coal wagon and dogfish on the loading spur

Ashington No.5 dragging the Gresley, crane, parcel van back up the yard

On the move

No.1 at the rear, being dragged up the yard

With No.1 and Parcel van back in the museum and the Gresley & crane stabled outside the museum, Ashington No.5 shunts the flat wagon down into the South headshunt to join the lowmac and salmon wagons

Firemans view from the South headshunt

The brake van stabled in the carriage and wagon workshop, it was originally planned for the brake coach to be placed in the shop today however we will be finishing off the brake vans overhaul first

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