Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Brake Van Progress

The Brake Van is progressing very well with it expected to be out the C&W workshop imminently and will be available for service during February Half Term

Sizing up a new piece of wood to replace the section over the lock as the hole is too large and new keyhole cannot be fitted (see previous post)

Setting up the router

Richard routing a rectangular shape over the keyhole section

With the sized up piece of wood cut to shape, John & Richard glue and clamp it in place

Tomorrow morning (once the glue has set) the new piece can be planed flat and new holes drilled to fit the keyhole

Sizing up bolts

Temporarily fitting the back plate to mark up holes for drilling

Removed again after marking up holes

Richard sets away drilling the LHS stanchion

Meanwhile, Michael applies a coat of primer around the edge of the backplate on the sections that will be covered by wood

Onto the next stanchion

Cutting old bolts to length

After being filed flat, any remaining threads and main body of the bolt is cleaned up on the bench wire wheel

Cutting a new thread

Applying the undercoat

Steve getting the last bits, all main stanchions and brackets are now painted with red undercoat

Top running board on the LHS (which was quite rotten) removed to be measured up to make a replacement

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