Saturday, 26 January 2019

More work to 401

Whistle off again for some more remedial work

Valve removed

Valve prior to cleaning, scuff & wear marks can be seen on near the bottom

After some careful cleaning

Taking the opportunity to give the whistle a good polish

Valve temporarily re-fitted

Lapping it in

Nicely lapped in with a tiny bit of grinding paste and glanol polish


Michael (R) tightening the retaining nut whilst Richard (L) cuts some new packing

Inspecting the LHS injector stuffing box

Michael fitting new packing after removing the remains of the old torn up packing

Job done

The steam brake isolation valve removed whilst Richard sets to work removing the blower

Annealing copper washers

Blower re-fitted with new washers and an extra turn

Michael re-fitting the steam brake isolation valve

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