Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Ashington No.5 Update

One of the more minor jobs of Ashington No.5s winter maintenance was carried out today, this involved removing all wash out plugs and mud-hole doors in readiness for its boiler washout. As well giving the smokebox and firebox a thorough clean out

Starting in the cab, the number of each plug is written respectively on the backhead

Plugs removed

Before cleaning

Moving on to the front, removing the plugs in the smokebox

Bit dirtier than the ones in the cab

All cleaned up and organised

Beginning to fill up the mud door rack

Removing the front RHS mud-hole door on the foundation ring

Front centre on the foundation ring after removing the mud-door, showing all the sludge and scale build up

LHS mud door in the cab removed


Removing the RHS

Rack filled

Below is the before cleaning and after cleaning of the firebox

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