Thursday, 24 January 2019

401s Second Steam Test & Valve Setting

After 401s first light steam test last Thursday there was a list of jobs to be carried out so a small group of volunteers put the hours in over the course of the past week to put the engine right. The steam heat, steam pressure and vacuum gauges were picked up this morning, after being re-calibrated, and fitted so the fire was lit again. The pressure was taken right up and volunteers successfully set the safety valves, meaning 401 is now ready for it's boiler insurance test which will be booked soon. The loco edges closer to entering service...

Fire not long lit

Unfortunately Joe ran out of primer half way through painting the smokebox door...(oops!)

Michael giving the rods a polish

Fettling in the smokebox as the blower wasn't working at 30psi, investigation into this involved removing the blower ring & pipe from the inside of the smokebox and separating the feed pipe from the smokebox blower elbow, this pipe was then rodded through, everything was connected back up and the blower started working champion

Beginning safety valve setting

Michael waiting for the pressure to drop again before adjusting the first safety valve

Richard up top

After some adjusting, both valves are now correctly set

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