Monday, 18 June 2018

Diesel's in Action Yesterday

D2078 & 08915 making their way down to Percy Main with the first train of the day

08915 & D2078 TNT on the first freight train at Percy Main

The first passenger train of the day at Percy Main
Next freight train at Percy Main, with D2078 leading at the North end

Our new Well Waggon was added to the train for its first trip down the line

08915 on the South end

Arriving back at Middle Engine Lane

Guard Thomas patiently waiting for 08915 to re-join the passenger stock

08915 moving up the carriages

D2078 propelling the freight train back into the yard

Driver Michael keeping an eye out

08915 pulling the passenger stock out of the loop to then propel it back into the platform, ready for a busy 2:10pm departure!

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