Friday, 4 May 2018

Ashington No.5 Update

Report from 'The Black Gang'...

Ashington No.5 passed her cold inspection on Wednesday after which firebars were put back into the firebox. Today volunteers, Tom, Michael D and John set to and refitted the manifold, clack valves, gauge frames & glasses, washout plugs, mud-hole doors and safety valves. 

The fire was lit around tea time and whilst she warmed through the opportunity was taken to empty the locomotives bunker of stale coal/coal dust which tends to clump up in the bottom corners. The safety valves successfully lifted around 8:30pm

ACC5 is now ready for her insurance steam examination which Engineering Manager Robin has booked for the 17th May.

View from the cab roof whilst the boiler was being filled up. A 13 hour day and a huge effort from NTSRA volunteers!

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