Sunday, 22 April 2018

Today's Diesel Day

D2078 and 08915 arriving back at Middle Engine Lane

The museum was slightly reshuffled today, the Metro cab was positioned next to Killingworth Billy to allow visitor access and Ashington No.5 was placed opposite

A Message from the Chairman...

We'd like to apologise to those who visited us today expecting to see No.10 and E4 in action. Sadly we had 'one of those days'. No.10 is currently laid up in the workshop due to overrunning maintenance and E4 unfortunately developed a fault with the battery during the charging process yesterday which will take time to rectify. 08915 also failed on us yesterday with a fuel supply problem which was causing the engine to cut out. Thanks to a mammoth effort by our volunteers and some good friends of the railway, we were able to get it fixed in time for the first passenger service today alongside D2078.

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