Thursday, 23 November 2017

Peckett Progress Update

Its been another busy evening in the workshop tonight, with Ashington No.5's smokebox getting cemented around the base of the blastpipe, as well as the brick arch getting put in as well as a few other smaller jobs, see photos and captions below

Fire bricks placed in the smokebox to minimise the amount of cement being used

Michael applying some denso tape around the nuts that hold the blastpipe base down, this is partly to protect them and to make the job easier for the next group of people who take the blast pipe out

Mixing cement

John in the smokebox placing and smoothing out the cement

Rob getting the next batch of cement ready to mix

Cementing the smokebox complete

Next onto the brick arch, here Michael is already in and smoothing out cement that has been placed on the brick arch former

Once in, it will take 4 to 5 days for the cement to set, which is when the former can be removed

The manifold now in place, the steam heat valve was removed temporarily to have the spindle straightened

Photo showing the steam space in the dome, steam collector for the regulator and new shiny (ish) tubes in place

The last job for tonight was removing the very heavy dome plate in order to replace the gasket, here Michael is cleaning up the face before applying graphite paste and fitting a new gasket

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