Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Shunting 401's Chassis

Consett No.10 out the C&W workshop and the NER Parcel Van shunted out the museum and stabled on the loading spur

D2078 coupled up to 08915, ACC5 & A5 ready to drag them out the shed

Driver Michael at the controls of D2078 keeping a close eye on his shunter

401's chassis ready to be shunted

Removing chocks ready to be shunted

Leaving the workshop

Out on the apron

401s chassis being propelled through the museum and into the C&W workshop

Successfully stabled in the C&W workshop. The firmer base of this workshop floor makes for a more stable ground on which the frames can be lifted up into the air to allow the wheelsets to be rolled out

D2078 picking up 08915 and the Parcel Van

Parcel Van being shunted back into the museum

Parcel Van and 08915 stabled on display in the museum

Last thing to do is to pick up Consett No.10 and put it in the shed along with A5 and ACC5

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